• Gijón Aquarium

    Aquarium Gijón, Gijón, Spain .

    Gijón Aquarium offers a journey through the settings created by the planet’s different oceans, seas and rivers such as the Atlantic, Pacific or the Red Sea.

    It covers an area of 4,000 square metres and gives visitors the chance to admire 5,000 examples of more than 400 marine species (such as otters, sturgeon, Megallanic penguins and sharks) in tanks containing from 1 million to 100 litres of water. Gijón Aquarium is also the only one in Spain where you can see all five groups of vertebrates (mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish) and where there is a unique recreation of a Cantabrian river.

  • Teatro Jovellanos

    Teatro Jovellanos, Paseo Begoña, Gijón, Spain .

    This theatre is legendary in the city, and the main venue for cultural events in Gijon. It opened in 1899 as Dindurra theater, but the original building was rebuilt in 1937 after being destroyed by a bomb. The original facade remained, but it was renamed the Jovellanos Theatre. It subsequently became municipal property, and was rehabilitated and expanded. The theatre has capacity for 1198 spectators, and its shows are varied throughout the year. They show plays, concerts, opera, ballet ... and even the annual International Film Festival of Gijón City in November. The interior has two levels. The bad thing about the theatre is the seats, they kept the old upholstered wood, and they are very uncomfortable, if you move they squeak.

    It is located in the heart of the city, on the promenade of Begoña, surrounded by shops, cafes, terraces and pedestrian streets.

  • Jovellanos' Birthplace Museum

    Jovellanos' Birthplace Museum .

    The Museum was opened in 1971 in one of the city's most emblematic buildings: the late 16th century palace-mansion where the scholar Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos was born and lived. Its principal aim is to raise awareness about, conserve and research the artistic heritage of the city, as well as to commemorate the figure and works of Jovellanos.